Thursday, 6 December 2012


Similes are expressions which make comparisons in the imagination between two things.
These two items of comparison are linked by ‘as’.

Similes based on Persons
·        as happy as a child
·        as tall as a giant
·        as little as Tom Thumb
·        as devoted as a mother
·        as strong as Hercules
·        as white as a ghost
·        as sober as a judge
·        as hungry as a hunter
·        as mean as a miser

Similes based on Animals
·        as big as an elephant
·        as blind as a bat
·        as brave as a lion
·        as busy as a bee
·        as faithful as a dog
·        as fast as a deer
·        as graceful as a swan
·        as happy as a lark
·        as playful as a kitten
·        as gentle as a lamb
·        as proud as a peacock
·        as quiet as a mouse
·        as slow as a snail
·        as strong as an ox
·        as tall as a giraffe
·        as wise as an owl
·        as cunning as a fox
·        as fierce as a tiger
·        as slippery as an eel
·        as stubborn as a mule
·        as silly as a goat

Similes based on Objects
·        as beautiful as a rainbow
·        as cheap as dirt
·        as clear as crystal
·        as cold as ice
·        as cool as a cucumber
·        as easy as ABC
·        as flat as a pancake
·        as light as a feather
·        as quick as lightning
·        as sour as vinegar
·        as sweet as honey
·        as soft as butter
·        as white as snow
·        as red as a cherry
·        as black as coal
·        as green as grass
·        as loud as thunder
·        as warm as wool


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