Thursday, 6 December 2012

Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns
Collective Nouns are names given to groups of people, animals, plants or things.
·      an army of soldiers
·      a band of musicians
·      a choir of singers
·      a crew of sailors
·      a gang of robbers
·      a party of friends
·      a patrol of policemen
·      a staff of teachers
·      a class of students
·      a team of players
·      a tribe of natives
·      a troupe of dancers
Animals and Plants
·      a clump of trees
·      a gaggle of geese
·      a herd of elephants
·      a swarm of bees
·      a litter of kittens
·      a nest of mice
·      an army of ants
·      a bunch of grapes
·      a crate of fruit
·      a hedge of bushes
·      a tuft of grass
·      a bouquet of flowers
·      an album of stamps
·      an anthology of poems
·      a bale of cotton, wool
·      a bunch of keys
·      a bundle of sticks
·      a chest of drawers
·      a fleet of ships , cars
·      a flight of steps, aeroplanes
·      a group of islands
·      a heap of rubbish , stones
·      a library of books
·      a pack of lies, cards
·      a cluster of stars
·      a reel of thread
·      a string of pearls, beads

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