Thursday, 6 December 2012


Conjunctions are used to join two words, clauses or sentences.
1.    And’ is used  to join words, phrases, clauses or sentences.
Peter can sing and dance.
My father is tired and he needs a rest.

2.    But’ is used to join ideas that are opposite of each other.
David is thin but his brother is fat.
She wants to work in Kuala Lumpur but her mother will not let her.

3.    Or’ is used to show a choice between two things.
Do you want a cold or hot drink?
I can take a taxi or walk there.

4.    If’ is used to show condition.
I will buy a house here if I have the money.
If it rains, we will not go for the show.

5.    So’ is used to show result.
I missed the bus so I was late for school.
He was hungry. So he ate two plates of rice.

6.    Because’ and ‘as’ are used to show reason/ reasons.
He had to go home quickly because his mother was not well.
I could not go out as it was going to rain.

7.    Although’ is used to join two contrasting facts.
Note: ‘But’ should never be used with ‘although’ in a sentence.
Although he is poor, he is happy.
She came to school although she was not well.

8.    Either…or’ is used to show a choice between two things or two persons.
You can either take a taxi or a bus.
Either the workers or the director is to blame for the power failure.
Either the director or the workers are to blame for the power failure.

9.    ‘Neither…nor’ is used to show negative.
Neither Samuel nor his sister went to school yesterday because they were not well.

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