Thursday, 6 December 2012

Partitive Nouns

Partitive Nouns
A partitive noun is a word that shows a part of quantity. It is used with an uncountable item.
·        a bar of chocolate
·        a blade of glass
·        a bottle of wine
·        a breath of fresh air
·        a cup of tea / coffee
·        a dash of pepper
·        a drop of water
·        a grain of sand
·        a length of cloth
·        a litre of petrol
·        a loaf of bread
·        a lump of coal
·        a packet of sugar
·        a piece of paper
·        a pinch of salt
·        a plot of land
·        a reel of thread
·        a sack of rice
·        a slice of meat
·        a tin of milk

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